E19.2174 Cognitive Science and Educational Technology I

Dr. Jan L. Plass
Educational Communication & Technology
New York University

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Meeting Agenda

25 January


Foundation and Assumptions of Cognitive Science: Information Processing Theory; Review: Behaviorism, Cognitivism

1 February


Human Cognitive Architecture: Sensory, Short-term, Working Memory Models in the context of multimedia learning

8 February


Human Cognitive Architecture: Long-term Memory Models, Encoding and Retrieval; Dual Coding Theory in the context of multimedia learning

15 February

President’s Day [no class meeting]

22 February

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning, Integrated Model of Picture & Tect Comprehension; Cognitive Approach to Multimedia Learning

1 March

Cognitive Load Theory, Sources of load, Split attention, Redundancy

8 March

Design Doc.

Individual Learner Characteristics, Expertise Reversal, Learner Preferences & cognitive Abilities

15 March

Spring Break [no class meeting]

22 March

Managing essential processing, Meaningful Learning: Schema Theory; The Process of Constructing Meaning, Advance Organizers

29 March
Theory Paper

Reducing extraneous processing in Multimedia learning
Multimedia Learning principles: Modality, Coherence, Contiguity, Signaling

5 April


Interactivity in Multimedia learning; Effects of interactivity, learner control, and feedback on cognitive load and learning

12 April


Emotion in Multimedia learning
Effect of emotion on cognition and learning

19 April


Learning from Visual Representations
Educational Animation, Games, and Simulations

26 April


Evaluation of Educational Software
Development of formative evaluation criteria for educational software

3 May

Final Project

Final Presentations
In-class fair/expo with demonstration of final projects


Any student attending NYU who needs an accommodation due to a chronic, psychological, visual, mobility and/or learning disability, or is Deaf or Hard of Hearing should register with the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities, 719 Broadway, 2nd Floor, 212.998.4980 (telephone and TTY), www.nyu.edu/csd

  Meeting Agenda | Course Documents | Assignments | Reading