E19.2015 Representation and Interaction Design

Dr. Jan L. Plass
Educational Communication & Technology
New York University

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Meeting Agenda


6 September

Course Overview, Introductions, Blackboard, Review: Cognitive Science, Learning Theories, Design Process for Learning Environments, Information Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture

Presentations of class project options.

13 September

Information Design I
Defining Information Design; Representations for education [ID: Horn; Hall (1997); Norman93: chapters 2, 3, 4; review Plass & Salisbury, 2002]
[Doc students: Goldman, 2007]

20 September

Information Design II
Cognition and Information Design; ID Research
[Norman88: chapters 1, 2, 3, 4; Schnotz & Bannert, 2003; Shneiderman05 chapter 14.5; review Mayer01: chapters 4-9, 11]

[Doc students: Pylyshyn, 2003]

27 September

Information Design III
Emotion and Information Design [Sharp, 2007; Astleitner, 2000; review Norman04 chapters 14]
[Doc students: Um, Song, & Plass, 2007]

4 October

Information Design IV
Semiology of Visuals; Design Patterns; Visual Language [Alexander: Intro; Peirce, 1894 ; Tidwell; Saffert chapter 6]
[Doc Students: Lee, Plass, & Homer, 2006]

11 October

In-class Workshop: Preparation of Project Presentations
In-class consultation // Work on class projects

18 October

Design Doc.

Project Presentations
Presentations of your work to date on class projects

25 October

Interaction Design I
Defining Interaction Design; Types of
Interactivity [Saffer: chapters 1, 2, 3; Shneiderman05 chapter 2 ; ID: Shedroff]

1 November


Interaction Design II
Cognition and Interaction Design; Theoretical Framework for Learning from Interaction; Design Research [Betrancourt, 2005; Wittrock, 1992; Saffer: chapters 4, 5]

8 November

Interaction Design III
Media-Specific Instructional Strategies; Control, Feedback, Guidance [Rieber et al., 2004; Schwann & Riempp, 2004]

15 November

Interaction Design IV
Emotion and Interaction Design; Telepresence, Personalization, Collaborative Interaction; Project-specific topics [Moreno & Mayer, 2000; Steuer, 1995]

22 November

Self-study // Project Work (Thanksgiving)
Work on class projects

29 November

Implications for Authoring of Multimedia Learning Environments
Interaction Design & Information Design in the Context of Information Architecture; Evaluation [Morville & Rosenfeld07, chapters 1, 2; own references]

6 December

Final Project

Final Presentations
In-class fair/expo with presentation of final projects

  Meeting Agenda | Course Documents | Assignments | Reading